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High Nutrition Fresh Superworms for Arowana Fish Feed

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Cold room freezer (also called walk in freezer) is widely used in Fishery, Fish plant, Supermarket, Hotel and Restaurant, etc. The temperature range of frozen goods walk in freeze is usually keeping in -18~-25°C by insulation and cooling system,  it can be frozen up to -40~-60°C  for special deep-sea fish such as tuna fish cold storage. With the help of walk in freezer, the stored fish is not perishable and the taste is good.

Packaging & Shipping

1).Packaging: daub coal oil on the surface to protect the machine from moisture, Then cover with plastic film. Finally pack them with wooden case.

2)Customer's requirement is available.

3).If you want to know the transportation cost: by air-please tell me your airport name; by express-please tell me your detailed address(including zip code, house number, street, city, country); by ship-please tell me your delivery port.

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